Metro Memory

Challenge yourself to remember the stations of your city's metro.
How well do you think know your city?

The goal is simple. Type as many of the stations as you can remember, and see them pop up on the map. No time limit.

If you do well, there might be some involved.

What people say about Metro Memory

i still read the tube map even if i’m getting on for two stops no way i could do this

i’ve been sitting here doing this for over an hour my mind is blank now

Okay guys I won’t lie, since I got home I’ve haven’t stopped and I’m on 66% and I’m losing my mind rn

Solidly slightly below average

Did this on a long train journey with friends and got 57%. Helped by a man who overheard us struggling with one of the last stops on the Victoria line, got out his seat and said ‘Tottenham Hale’ - legend

Forget The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom - THIS is THE game of 2023...…

Replying to @_benjamintd

Currently obsessed

They talked about us